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Privacy Clause, Terms and Conditions

Privacy Clause

This privacy policy statement applies to The Artland Co. Ltd. ("Artland", "artland.com.hk", "the Company" or "We") customers:


Protect your privacy.

The Company will ensure that the personal data collected, transmitted, stored and used will be treated in accordance with the provisions of The Personal Data ( Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region). By using this website, you agree to accept the relevant provisions of this privacy policy. If you do not agree to some or all of the terms of this privacy policy, we may not be able to provide services to you. If you provide personal data, you agree to our use of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy statement.


The type of personal data collected.

The personal data collected by the Company may include, but is not limited to:

  • Name, gender, date of birth, email address, telephone number, mailing address, social media link and payment mechanism details (e.g. credit card details);
  • Your personal interests;
  • Information about your PC or mobile device's IP address, browser settings, browsing history and/or other Internet records.


The purpose of the personal data collected.

The personal data collected by the Company may be used for the following purposes (including, but not limited to):

  • Identify your identity and your account;
  • Process payment instructions related to the Services for you;
  • Let this website store your personal data so that you do not have to re-enter the relevant information every time you purchase the product;
  • Processing orders;
  • Direct promotion of our products and services and business partners;
  • Conductmarketing and behavior analysis;
  • Conduct customer data analysis and analysis of shopping preferences;
  • Recommend our services or the goods or services you are interested in;
  • Set personalized content that caters to your preferences;
  • To provide you with customer service;
  • The purpose of the audit;
  • Disclosure in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.


Use of personal data and security.

The Company will not sell or lease your personal data and contact details unless you obtain your written consent. The Company collects and holds personal data about you confidentially, but if it is required to comply with its legal obligations or provide services to you, the Company may disclose such information to:

  • a court, law enforcement agency, or other governmental statutory or regulatory authority, agency or organization with jurisdiction;
  • The Company's contact companies, partners, sellers or contractors, agents or other service providers who participate in the sale and marketing of services or data analysis, or provide goods and services;
  • any other person who has a duty of confidentiality with the Company, including group members of the Company who have committed to keeping such information confidential, it is information technology consultants, data processors, auditors, accountants, or lawyers;
  • Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, credit card issuers, or service companies that collect arrears.

The Company warrants that the personal data in its possession is managed in accordance with internal security policies and relevant laws and regulations and is secure in our systems. Although the Company will take precautions to protect the information transmitted between this website and/or users, it may not be possible to completely prevent unauthorized access to and disclosure of such information by third parties. Users agree that such risks are at risk when communicating with this website.


Direct promotion.

The Company may use the personal data it collects with you for the purpose of sending messages, offers, promotional and marketing purposes, and in this regard, the Company must obtain your consent. We can contact you via email, social media link, text/image/video message or email. The Company holds your name, contact address, social media links, product and service portfolio information, trading patterns and behaviors, browsing records, personal interests, and the Company may use the information for direct promotion of our services, as well as the products and services of our business partners, or the products or services of our merchants.

If you do not wish to receive any direct promotional communications from us and our partners, you can update your preferences through our unsubscribe link. Upon receipt of your notification, we will stop using your personal data for direct promotional purposes and will not charge you for this.


Transfers in a specific environment.

In the event of a sale, merger, merger, change of control or transfer of most assets by the Company, or reorganization or liquidation, the Company shall have the right to unilaterally decide to transfer, sell or distribute the information transmitted on this website or through this website, including but not limited to personal data and other information, to one or more of the relevant third parties.


The information log program cookies .

The Company uses cookies to store information on your computer through your browser. Many websites use cookies to record information because cookies allow website publishers to take useful measures, such as confirming that a computer or its users have previously visited the site. Usually you can change your browser settings to prevent the use of cookies,but if you make a change, it may cause the services (and websites) to function properly. Information saved in cookies is used to identify you. This helps the Company to provide more effective services and track visitors' visits to the site.

In addition, third-party advertisers or advertising service providers may set unique cookies or identify them on your browser when advertising to this website, if applicable. The use of cookies by third-party advertisers or advertising service providers is not subject to this privacy policy, but is governed by their individual selfish privacy policies.


Changes to this privacy policy.

Please note that this privacy policy is part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and will be considered part of the agreement between you and the Company. The Company reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time, unilaterally and from time to time. The revised privacy policy shall be deemed to be a change in this privacy policy as soon as it is published on this website. Depending on the nature of the change, the Company will announce the changes as follows: (1) posted on the home page of this website, or (2) if the Company has your email address, will be notified by e-mail. However, in any case, as long as you continue to use this website after the change has been made, you will be deemed to agree to such change. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, which will change in whole or in part from time to time, you must terminate your use of this website.


Access and correction of personal data.

If you have any questions or comments, or wish to access or correct your personal data, please contact us at +852 2511 4845 or by email at artlandc@artland.com.hk from 9:00-19:00 (except public holidays) on Monday to Friday.

Last updated: July 2020.

Terms and Conditions

All content and materials contained in this website, the art design, browsing contacts and software programs of the website are owned bythe "www.artland.com.hk"(the "Website") and are protected by copyright.  Any person who has not obtained the prior written permission of this website shall be prohibited from reprinting, distributing or using any content or materials of this website.

Terms and Conditions of Use.

In order to make your shopping experience safe and enjoyable, we set out the following terms of use to make you more aware of our expectations for both parties. Please review the following terms before using this website. By using this website by a user ("User" or "You") means accepting the terms of this website. If you do not accept these terms, you should leave this website.


The copyright and/or trademark and/or intellectual property rights of all images, text, images, photographs, illustrations and their design, selection and arrangement, and are not limited to this scope, are owned or authorized to use by this website and are protected by the relevant legislation.

Delivery policy.

Ownership of the goods ordered by the customer is delivered to the customer when the supplier sends the goods, and the risk of the goods being shipped will be borne by the courier company.


This website does not represent or warrant the correctness or reliability of its contents ( any information, content or advertisement ( "Materials") contained in, connected to, downloaded or obtained from any services ("The "Services") contained in, through, or connected, downloaded or obtained from the Site, and is not responsible for any product, information or material) ( that you display, purchase or obtain through advertisements, information or offers on the Services.)) You hereby accept and acknowledge that the risk of relying on any "material" is at your own risk. This website, with the right but no obligation, to improve or be more in the "Service" or "Materials" of any part of the error or omission. The services and materials of this website are provided on the basis of "current" and "existing" and the Website expressly rejects any express or implied warranty regarding the Services, "Materials" or Products, including, but not limited to, warranties for commercial use or appropriate for a specific purpose. This website is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or arising out of any direct, indirect, incidental or resulting derivative loss arising from the Services, Data or Products.

This website encourages you to use this search directory at your own discretion when browsing the Internet. This search directory may direct you to websites that some consider offensive or inappropriate. This website is not responsible for reviewing the contents of the websites listed in this directory, and therefore, this website is not responsible for the correctness, copyright attribution, or legality or legitimacy of the content.

This website respects any rights ( including intellectual property ) requires our users to respect the rights of others as well. This website may, where appropriate, terminate the accounts of users who infringe or violate the rights of others. If you believe that your work has been illegally remade, please follow our copyright instructions.

Users who have questions about the content provided on this website, have questions about some of the data contained therein need to be raised, find omissions, or believe that the information can be expressed in a clearer manner, please send your comments and suggestions to the artlandc@artland.com.hk by e-mail.

The order retroactive period.

All disputes regarding the order, including but not limited to: loss of package, missing goods, defective goods, etc., must be raised within 14 days of the date of the order. In the event of a dispute beyond the time limit, the company shall have the right to refuse to accept the dispute.